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Increased oxygen levels

Faster recovery eliminated soreness

Improved performance

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Upset stomach

  • Bronze

    1/2 liter IV fluids, anti-inflammatory

  • Silver

    1 liter IV fluids, electrolytes, anti-nausea

  • Gold

    Silver + megadose vitamin C, B-12, B-complex

  • Platinum

    1 liter IV fluids, oxygen therapy, Myers' solution

  • Diamond

    2 liters IV fluids, amino acids, multivitamin, antioxidants, electrolytes

  • Concierge Service

    If you need any of our IV services brought to the comfort of your own home, we can do that with our concierge service.

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Remedy Options

Hangover Remedy
  • IV fluids, vitamins, anti-nausea, anti-inflammatory, anti-heartburn

    Don’t let a hangover ruin your day. In just a short time, you can feel as good as new with our hangover remedy treatment!

Athletic Overexertion
  • IV fluids, electrolytes, super B-12, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory

    It doesn’t matter if you are a professional athlete or a weightlifting enthusiast; athletic overexertion strains your body and prevents it from the necessary healing it needs. This amazing service will speed up healing time and get you rehydrated in a flash!

  • IV fluids, multivitamin, B-complex

    Don't let the constant feeling of being tired control you throughout the day. Come in for our fatigue remedy and be up and going with full energy.

Myers' Cocktail
  • IV fluid mixture combines magnesium, calcium, B and C vitamins

    Invented by the physician John Myers, this treatment addresses a wide range of clinical conditions including migraines, sinusitis, upper respiratory infections, and muscle spasms.

  • IV fluids, anti-nausea, anti-heartburn

    Don't let nausea and/or vomiting effect your day; come and get our nausea/vomiting treatment to get you feeling better.

Migraine Relief
  • IV fluids, anti-nausea, anti-migraine, caffeine

    Migraines can negatively impact your daily life and keep you from the things you love to do. Try our migraine remedy for relief today!

  • IV fluids, toradol, megadose vitamin C

    Relieve your flu and cold symptoms with our flu/cold relief treatment!

Immune System Boost
  • Multivitamins, vitamin C, B-12, B-complex, CoQ10

    Boost your immune system today with a combination of safe and effective vitamins!

  • IV fluids, antioxidants, vitamins, glutathione

    Detox your body of toxins today with this amazing detox infusion.

  • Biotin, glutathione, vitamin C, vitamin E

    Get our hair/skin treatment to revive yourself and have you looking your best!

Energy Boost
  • IV fluids, B-12, B-complex, caffeine

    Don't let lack of energy control you; get our energy boost injections to jump-start your day!

Libido Infusion
  • This drip is ideal for those that want to improve their sexual drive and stamina. Enhance your intimate moments in a safe and natural way.

"Pre-Workout" Infusion
  • Have a big event or just a hard workout coming up? Come and get our "pre-workout" infusion to give you the energy and confidence you need to be successful.

Mood Boosting/Anti-Depression
  • Don't let a down mood ruin your day. This infusion will help get your mood and body feeling right to take on your everyday tasks.


Supplement Injections

  • $30
Super B-12
  • $25
  • $10
  • $25
  • $15
  • $15
Weight Loss Injections
  • Also available in packages



Runner Special
  • IV fluid, IV Tylenol, muscle rubdown, super B-12, vitamin C

    Get the runner special to help with your recovery and to speed up the process to get you back out there as fast as possible!

Massage Therapy
  • Relax and rejuvenate with a massage that will get you back on your feet feeling like a new person! **SPECIAL OFFER** $50 with purchase of Infusion with UV treatment (must book in advance)

    $80 an hour