Soak Up That Vitamin D

Soak Up That Vitamin D

Winter has finally found its way to DFW! Between the colder temperatures and the freezing windchill, most of us aren’t spending enough time outside to get our daily dose of vitamin D from the sun. But is vitamin D really all that important?

Yep, it is! And probably for more reasons than people realize. Vitamin D has several functions in the body, and here are some reasons to keep your vitamin D levels up.


Vitamin D Can….

Help reduce blood pressure. Several studies have shown that higher levels of vitamin D correlate with lower blood pressure, and those people are less likely to develop hypertension (i.e., high blood pressure). That’s a big deal, especially when considering that nearly one in three American adults has hypertension.

Improve mood. According to a WIN/Gallup International poll back in 2014, Fiji is home to the happiest people on earth. There are lots of reasons behind why that is, but one of those reasons is that the country gets about 10–14 hours of sunlight every day. Since sunlight is the main source of vitamin D in everyday life, most Fijians’ vitamin D levels are great. While it’s still possible to have vitamin D deficiency (a problem that’s linked to conditions like depression) in a climate like this, the odds are much lower than in other areas of the globe.

Reduce your risk of heart disease. We’ve seen that people with vitamin D deficiency are at a higher risk of developing heart disease, but we’re not entirely sure why. Dr. Erin Michos, an assistant professor at Johns Hopkins, says that clinical trials are being conducted over the next few years that will hopefully answer our questions about the direct link between vitamin D and cardiovascular disease. In short, we know there is a link, although we can’t put a finger on what it is just yet.

Moderate cellular growth. An article in Harvard Health Publications explains that vitamin D “helps prevent the unrestrained cell multiplication that characterizes cancer by reducing cell division, restricting tumor blood supply (angiogenesis), increasing the death of cancer cells (apoptosis), and limiting the spread of cancer cells (metastasis).” For these reasons, vitamin D is believed to help prevent certain cancers, but additional research will have to be done before more conclusive statements can be made.

Boost your immune system. In your body, vitamin D works as an on-off switch for various genes and cells. Within your immune system, vitamin D is responsible for turning on specific peptides (or chains of amino acids) within your cells that help your body fight off foreign substances. That’s why when you have low levels of vitamin D, it’s easier for you to contract infectious diseases, like a cold or the flu.

This list is only the beginning; there are lots of other benefits of vitamin D. Come see HydroPros and get a vitamin D shot or get an infusion with vitamin D today!



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