The Fastest Migraine Relief You’ll Find

The Fastest Migraine Relief You’ll Find

If you’ve ever had a migraine, you know how awful and debilitating they can be—the painful throbbing that hurts so bad you can’t think or function properly. And the aftermath isn’t much better. The good news is that there’s something you can do about it! Before we get into that, though, let’s first make sure we understand how migraines happen in the first place.

What Happens during a Migraine

We used to think that migraines were caused by blood vessels in the brain expanding and dilating, but we recently learned that this is the effect of the migraine rather than the cause. So what causes a migraine? Scientists now say that the trigeminal nerve is at least partially to blame. It’s the nerve that is responsible for the sensations you feel in your face.

There are two main phases of a migraine. The first phase starts when the trigeminal nerve gets activated. Once activated, most people experience pain around the temples and eyes. At this point in the migraine, medications can still help to stop it from worsening, and they can even shut it down completely. But if you’re not fast enough, the migraine progresses to Phase 2.

During the second phase, the pain spreads from the temples and eyes to your brain stem and cortex. Here, the pain is put on a repeating loop which eventually triggers other neurons in your central nervous system. Those generate more pain, and the vicious cycle continues. During this phase, lots of people report light sensitivity, nausea, and lightheadedness. This phase can last anywhere from a couple of hours to three days.

Like we said earlier (although we probably don’t have to tell you), the aftermath isn’t pretty, either. Lots of people report feeling fatigued and completely drained.

Dr. Michael Cutrer of Mayo Clinic explains that everyone has the bodily systems that cause migraines. When someone is prone to having migraines, it’s because their system is more easily activated to the point of being detrimental. He says, “Like a car alarm going off too often, instead of being a protective mechanism like it was built to be, it becomes a system that begins to interfere with your ability to function normally in your life.”

How We Can Help

At HydroPros, we offer a remedy specifically designed to help alleviate the pain and discomfort that accompanies migraines. Our cocktail includes anti-migraine and anti-nausea components, as well as caffeine. Caffeine is an incredibly effective agent for battling migraines, and you can actually find it in a lot of migraine medications. Caffeine blocks a chemical in the body called adenosine, and adenosine is one of the things that makes the blood vessels in the brain expand.

But when it comes to pain relief, why is IV so much more effective than migraine pills? Well, you only absorb about 50–60% of what you ingest orally, so your body doesn’t get the full impact of the pills. IVs, on the other hand, are fast acting and have an absorption rate of 100% since the medication is put directly into your bloodstream. If you need migraine relief, schedule an appointment with us by calling 877-HYDRO-80. We even have a concierge service, so we can come directly to you!


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