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treatment price – $150
hangover plus – $185

Anyone can overindulge on occasion. With a full liter of fluids, multivitamin and symptom relief for Headache, Nausea and Acid Reflux this therapy ensures you do not have to live with the consequences of having had a good time.

Athletic Overexertion

treatment price | $135

All athletes know that recovery is a critical component of training. Recover faster and get back in the game with this therapy which replaces crucial electrolytes, addresses muscle soreness and expedites the removal of accumulated lactic acid.

Joint Health/Arthritis

treatment price | $199

Glucosamine, MSM, Amino Acids and Decadron help to reduce inflammation and provide support for joint health and management of chronic inflammatory conditions .

Energy Boost

treatment price | $150

Our blend of B Vitamins boosts cellular generation of the high energy molecule ATP, making for a natural sensation of increased energy and vigorousness.

myers’ cocktail

treatment price | $185

A proprietary blend of C and B Vitamins with essential electrolytes and minerals make this our most popular therapy for overall health and wellness.

immune boost

treatment price | $185

This therapy utilizes a complete multivitamin combined with the powerful antioxidants Glutathione and Vitamin C to give your immune system robust support in fighting off every day ailment.

Allergy Relief

treatment price | $165

Aside from the unpleasant symptoms and piles of tissue paper, flare ups of seasonal allergies may negatively affect your sleep, energy levels and mood. Our therapy which uses Selenium, Zinc and Decadron will provide you with prompt relief so you can breathe easy.

flu & cold

treatment price | $135

No one can cure the flu or the common cold for that matter, but we can treat the symptoms, get you hydrated, and support your immune system to recover quicker and get you back to living, faster.

migraine relief

treatment price | $150

Crushing head pressure, nausea and light/sound sensitivity can all be treated in this therapy which combines Caffeine, Toradol, Zofran and Magnesium. (Ask us how Botox/Jeuveau may be used for long term treatment for headaches).


treatment price | $150

Aminos, B-Vitamins and Caffeine give you the upper edge you need to train your hardest for maximum gains.

Fountain of Youth

treatment price | $165

This blend of essential nutrients provide your hair, skin and nails with the ideal building blocks to grow in strong, healthy and radiant. (ask us how microneedling with PRP can be used in conjunction).


treatment price | $125

Metabolic toxins and heavy metals can accumulate and cause any number of symptoms from chronic fatigue, to psychiatric problems. High dose antioxidants capture these toxins so your liver and kidneys can properly metabolise and excrete them.


treatment price | $125

You would be amazed at what a full liter of fluid with this blend of key B Vitamins will do for you. Sometimes the most simple is the best.


treatment price | $115

The misery associated with nausea/vomiting and the corresponding weakness and dehydration can not be overstated. This treatment combines fluids with hospital strength nausea medication and is the therapy of choice for episodes of prolonged nausea.

NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide)

Call us for pricing on this speciality IV

NAD is a coenzyme necessary for biochemical reactions. As our bodies age, we begin to produce less and less NAD. When administered intravenously NAD levels can be restored. This therapy helps restore muscle function, improves the self restorative capabilities of neurological tissues, increases energy levels, can improve symptoms of anxiety and depression and there is strong evidence that supports its use in slowing down the progression of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimers and Parkinsons.























amino acid blend





Super B12


Full Vial of B12


Full Vial of Super b12





Looking to shed some pounds? Our Mic (LipoB) Injections promotes weight loss by increasing metabolism, curbing appetite,
and eliminating fat from dietary intake from the liver.


single weight loss injection


single super weight loss injections


full vial weight loss injections


full vial super weight loss injections



price | $11 per unit

“I was feeling awful for a few days because of a bad case of food poisoning, but I left without the headache or stomach cramps and with a lot more energy. I wish I had gone sooner and definitely plan to go back to see how great it will make me feel when I’m healthy!”

– Heather D.

“I had the BEST experience with IV Hydro Pros!! They helped get me hydrated and beautiful for my wedding! Also they were so convenient and came right to me! Highly highly recommend!!!”

– Bridget A.

Excellent, professional and knowledgeable. Very friendly, fast and efficient. Such a much better experience than a ER if possible!”

– Sharla H.

“Went in today not feeling the best. Allergies were in full effect and I was sore and worn out from training hard. The HydroPros staff were attentive to my needs and got me feeling better. I’ve also used IV hydration before local strongman competitions to make sure I’m 110%. Check this place out if you feel off your game!”

– Gregg W.