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hydropros High dose vitamin c

It’s a scientific fact: the antioxidant vitamin C will promote oxidation when it circulates in
very high concentrations in highly oxygenated blood. Healthy cells tolerate high dosages
because of catalase, an enzyme that neutralizes oxidation immediately. Catalase is abundant in
our blood and normal tissues but generally scant in malignant tumors— this lack in
cancerous tissues allows vitamin C’s oxidative capacity to selectively kill malignant cells.

Researchers have found that a highly concentrated vitamin C dose is “selectively” toxic to
cancer cells, meaning the dose harms cancer cells but not healthy tissue. Yet when this
treatment was coupled with the addition of catalase (an enzyme), the cancer-killing effect
was reduced significantly. This led researchers to believe that the high-dose vitamin C
infusion resulted in production of large quantities of hydrogen peroxide, which initially caused a
cancer-killing effect that was then neutralized by the catalase.
This suggested that cancer cells do not produce sufficient catalase to neutralize high levels of
hydrogen peroxide on their own.
We now know that many cancer cells produce small amounts of catalase to sustain low
concentrations of hydrogen peroxide. This creates the cancer-friendly environment of mild
oxidative stress that encourages rapid growth of and further aggression by malignant cells.
Fortunately, because a high proportion of cancers are only able to produce small amounts of
catalase, they’re vulnerable to the cancer-killing effect exhibited by high levels of hydrogen
A high dose and rapid IV infusion of vitamin C reacts spontaneously with molecular oxygen within
tumors, generating large amounts of hydrogen peroxide, lethal to tumor cells that produce only
small amounts of catalase.

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