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Our Commitment to Our Clients

HydroPros is an assembled team of leading experts in the medical field, including Medical Directors, Nurse Practitioners, RNs with Advanced Certifications, and Paramedics. 

Our medical team has the expertise to meet your needs. Our knowledge and experience in this industry provides us with the core strength needed to give each customer the very best that the industry has to offer.

Our Vision
HydroPros is an assembled team of well qualified medical professionals focused on addressing the specific needs and concerns of everyone who comes through our doors. Our knowledge and experience in the field of IV injectables enables us to provide each client with prompt and effective therapies for a wide range of issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the advantages of IV hydration therapy?

    IV Therapy at HydroPros is a safe, and effective method to replenish fluids and nutrients with 100% absorption of electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants. Our medical staff and Medical Director have created the IV therapies to maximize your hydration, health, performance, and recovery. All ingredients that go in the IVs are sourced from FDA approved facilities.

  2. Are there negative side effects?

    While rare, the common complications we’ve encountered with IV vitamins are nausea and “flushing” which is due to the concentrations of b vitamins in most of our therapies. However, those symptoms almost always are the result of the rate of the IV drip which can easily and quickly be adjusted.

  3. How quick do you feel the effects of an IV infusion?

    Everyone's body is different but each IV infusion typically takes 30-40 minutes depending on the amount of fluid your body needs. You get 100% absorption while flushing out toxins and feeling the lasting benefits for 2-4 days.

  4. Which IV is best for me?

    It all depends on what you’re trying to accomplish, we base the IV on your medical history and your current situation. Our medical staff will have a quick consultation with you and figure out which IV fits you best. No IVs are pre mixed, each bag is made specifically for you and your needs.

  5. Who administers the IVs?

    All of our on site medical staff are either Registered Nurses with ER experience or Licensed Paramedics with 911/ER experience and our medical director is an ER Physician based in North Dallas. Our medical director establishes protocols for how our supplements and medications are to be used and our Paramedics and nurses will then use those protocols at their discretion to most completely address your needs.

  6. Do I need an appointment?

    No, we do take walk-ins at our locations but we do encourage you to make an appointment. We want to assure that you are not waiting long and you can get in and out in a timely manner, while providing the best service possible. Concierge/mobile service is available by appointment only.

  7. Do you make home visits?

    Yes we do and we usually have same day availability, but we do recommend making your home visit appointment early to secure the best time for you. We do charge a concierge or “travel” fee which is typically $50 if you’re within 33 miles of either of our DFW locations but it would be more if you’re further away than 33 miles and that additional travel fee would be based on the total mileage.

  8. Do I need to fill anything out before my appointment?

    A medical consent form will need to be filled out prior to service. You can fill it out here:

  9. Do you accept insurance?

    We do not, but we do accept FSA or HSA cards.

  10. Is there a minimum age to receive any treatment from HydroPros?

    Yes, the minimum age is 16, and anyone under 18 needs parental consent.