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Crushing head pressure, nausea and light/sound sensitivity
can all be addressed in this therapy which combines Caffeine,
Toradol, Zofran and Magnesium. (Ask us how Botox/Jeuveau
may be used for long term treatment for headaches).

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2 reviews for MIGRAINE RELIEF

  1. Ashley Bolger

    Emily fought traffic to save me from a debilitating migraine. Migraine was totally gone within 30 minutes. Such incredible service!

  2. Annette L

    I went to a different IV therapy clinic to try and head off my migraine and they failed. I came back here despite it being further away from home. Got the IV in on the first try and needed the migraine relief in a bad way sine I woke up with a nasty one this morning. I’m never going anywhere else. Staff here clearly know what they’re doing.

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